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For an explanation of the icons used in Reports, please refer to the Reports Icon article and Admin Toolbar Reset/Close

Course Reports Menu

  • Course Listing: This report details all Courses in the system with some very basic indicators about the report. It is intended to give you quick listing of your existing Courses.
  • Course Roll Over: This report shows you a summary list of Courses for a given year by Course Type with the following figures, per Course Type: number of Course Templates, number of active Courses and number of Course Rollovers
  • New Courses: This option will generate a list of all Courses created for the specified date range.
  • Faculty Detail: This report shows a list of all Faculty who taught at least one event for the year of this report.
  • Faculty Event Summary: This report will show Faculty activity presented in a table by Event Type, the number of Events and total Event hours. This report can be filtered.
  • Avg Student Hours per Year: This screen is used to define the parameters for the Student Hours Per Year report.
  • Events by Event Count: This report displays a listing of all Events for a given Academic Year and School Year.
  • Hidden Courses: The Hidden flag only applies to Courses and Course Templates.
  • Courses w/ Multiple CDs: This report displays which Courses have more than one (1) Course Director.
  • Groups by Size: A list of Student Groups is compiled and listed by Group name, Course, and Student count.
  • Course Primary Group Count: After selecting a year from the drop-down menu, you will receive a list of Primary Groups per Course.
  • Course Credit Summary: In this report you will receive a list of Courses with credits entered showing the Course name, credits, and the number of instances of the Course in that year.
  • Enrollment: This report shows the Course name, enrollment, rotations, and average enrollment.
  • Block Schedule: This report will show Students assignments per block, where a block is defined as one or more Courses taught within a given date range.
  • Linked Event Courses: This report shows all Courses that have Linked Events.
  • Course Exceptions: Please refer to the article, Course Exceptions Reports, for more detailed information.
  • QA: The Quality Assurance (QA) queue is a list of documents that have been uploaded to your system. For more detailed instructions, see the article on Quality Assurance (QA)
  • QA Tech Support: This report lists technical issues with content, the Tech Support QA Queue is used to inform Tech Staff about problems. For more detailed instructions, see the article on QA Tech Support.
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