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Course Reports

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Path: Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Course Reports

For an explanation of the icons used in Reports, please refer to the Reports Icon article and Admin Toolbar Reset/Close

Course Reports Menu

  • Course Listing: This report details all Courses in the system with some very basic indicators about the report. It is intended to give you a quick listing of your existing Courses.
  • Course Roll Over: This report shows you a summary list of Courses for a given year by Course Type with the following figures, per Course Type: number of Course Templates, number of active Courses and number of Course Rollovers.
  • New Courses: This option will generate a list of all Courses created for the specified date range.
  • Faculty Detail: This report shows a list of all Faculty who taught at least one event for the year of this report.
  • Faculty Event Summary: This report will show Faculty activity presented in a table by Event Type, the number of Events and total Event hours. This report can be filtered.
  • Avg Student Hours per Year: This screen is used to define the parameters for the Student Hours Per Year report.
  • Events by Event Count: This report displays a listing of all Events for a given Academic Year and School Year.
  • Hidden Courses: The Hidden flag only applies to Courses and Course Templates.
  • Courses w/ Multiple CDs: This report displays which Courses have more than one (1) Course Director.
  • Groups by Size: A list of Student Groups is compiled and listed by Group name, Course, and Student count.
  • Course Primary Group Count: After selecting a year from the drop-down menu, you will receive a count of Primary Groups per Course.
  • Course Credit Summary: In this report, you will receive a list of Courses with credits entered showing the Course name, credits, and the number of instances of the Course in that year.
  • Enrollment: This report shows the Course name, enrollment count, rotation count, and average enrollment.
  • Block Schedule: This report will show Students' assignments per block, where a block is defined as one or more Courses taught within a given date range.
  • Linked Event Courses: This report shows all Courses that have Linked Events.
  • Course Exceptions: Please refer to the article, Course Exceptions Reports, for more detailed information.
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