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Event Types: Merging Event Types

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This report shows all active Event Types along with a count of how many times that Event Type has been used anywhere in the curriculum and this feature will allow you to merge two Event Types that are essentially duplicates of each other.  

Path: Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Course Settings > Events > Event Types > All Event Types

All Event Types

  • You can add, delete, and modify Event Types from this report listing.
  • If an Event Type has been linked to Events, it recommended that you use the Merge option to merge the Event Type into another Event Type. This will preserve the Events linked to the Event Type.
  • Click the Event that you want eliminate with the merge.
  • This is called the Source.


Choose Target

  • Choose the preferred Event Type, this is the Target.

If you delete an Event Type you will effectively delete all the Events associated with that Event Type.

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