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Course Settings: Content (Materials) Categories

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Path: Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Course Settings > Content Categories

This is an administrative listing for Content Categories that have been created by Faculty and Staff Admin in the Course and Event Screen Materials Pane.

NOTE: This report does not validate the status of the linked materials, or the status of the Event or Course to which the document is linked. For a report that reflects that information, use the Validated option.

Example of Categories in Course/Event Screen

Add New

Content Categories are used to organize documents in the Event and Course screens. When the documents are displayed they are grouped and sorted by category.

  • Name: Create a name for the Category, make sure you are using a unique name and not duplicating one in the list.
  • Sequence: This refers to the order in which the category will appear in the Materials Pane of the Course/Event Screens.  If two or more categories use the same sequence number they will be organized in alphabetical order.

Validated Report

This report shows a count of documents in each Category based on active, valid documents for the current year and the previous year.

NOTE: The Validation Report option refers/reflects a true update on the current status in the system. i.e. if a client updates a material category immediately.

  • Non-Validated Count: This non-validated report may include counts of documents that have been deleted and this report looks at all years.
  • Unvalidated Count: The unvalidated report may include counts of documents that that have been deleted and this report looks at all years.


Often, there can be duplicate entries in the list. You can use the Merge option to merge similar categories. The merge process will merge the records and update all the links in the duplicate record so they will point back to the newly merged record. Once this is done it cannot be un-done.

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