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Courses: Course Types

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Each Course must have a Course Type associated with it. Course Types determine whether the Course is clinical or not, and it determines if Patient Encounter Tracking (PET) will be available for the Course.

This report displays all active Course Types and a summary of how often the Course Type has been used in the selected year.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Course Settings > Courses > Course Types > Select Year

From Course Type Maintenance screen you can:

  1. Courses with No Course Type: View a list of all Courses with no Course Type
  2. New Course Type: Click to create a New Course Type
  3. Deleted: Review a list of all deleted Course Types
  4. All Years: Click here to review all Course Types across all Years
  5. Select a Year: Click here to view a different year.
  6. Name Edit: Edit an existing Course Type
  7. Courses: Click to review the Course Templates linked to this Course Type


(1) Courses with No Course Type

NOTE: If there are no unassigned Courses in your system, this means all current Courses already have a Course Type assigned.

(2) New Course Type
  • Name: (*) Required field. We recommend that you choose a unique name for your new Course Type
  • Description: (Optional)
  • FCT Code: Choose from drop down
  • FCT Type: Classroom, Clerkship or Elective
  • Destructive Rebuild:Yes/No toggle NOTE: This applies only to Student Groups
  • Ignore Didactics in FCT: Yes/No toggle
  • Clinical: Yes/No toggle
  • PET Flag: Yes/No toggle
  • Save Record
  • Deleted: Yes/No toggle
(3) Deleted

Deleted Course Types can be restored.

  1. Click on the Name to edit the Course Type
  2. Change Deleted to No
  3. Save Record
Course Type
(4) All Years

This displays the active Course Types across All Years.

(5) Select a Year

Takes you to the screen to select a specific Program Year.

(6) Edit Course Type
  • Edit existing Course Type screen
  • Save Record
(7) Course Count

Click Courses (count number) to review the Course Templates linked to this Course Type.

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