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Courses: Duplicate Course Templates

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This report shows a list of all Course Templates where there is more than one Course Template with the same name.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Course Settings > Courses > Duplicate Course Templates

Click on the Count to view a detailed list of the Course Templates with the same name.

This report shows you a list of all the Course Templates that have a given name in common.

NOTE: The list is sorted by the date of creation, with the most recently created records first.

Click on the Abbr (abbreviation field) to edit the Course Template.

  • Edit the Course Template properties from this screen.
  • Merge two Course Templates using the Merge link above.



This option will merge two Course Templates.:

  1. The target Course Template (the current Course Template - Primary).
    • This Course Template will remain after the merge and all Courses (sections) linked to the target Course will be re-linked to the source Course Template.
  2. The source Course Template, Merge with, is the one to be merged into the target.
    • You will select that Course Template in the search bar.
  3. Click Merge Courses

Merging course templates with active assignments, evaluations, exams, discussions, and/or LTI content could result in errors. We recommend merging course templates only when students are not active in the course.

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