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Run, Preview and Finalize Course Block Lotteries

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Leo provides you with the capability to preview the results of your Lottery before you finalize them. This allows you to run your Lotteries with confidence, examine your results, and make sure you're happy with the outcome before the results are released to students.

Running a Course Block Lottery

Once the Lottery access window opens the Students can begin making their choices by clicking on the Activity Bell and finding the Lottery that is available.

Students Rank Choices

After selecting the Lottery name in their Activity List, students can rank the Elements in the Lottery. Students can access the Lottery at any point in time based on the beginning and end dates you set when you created the Lottery Record.

  1. Available Courses: Students can begin selecting their choices
  2. Rank: They can change the order of their choices
  3. Auto-Select: Student can use the checkmark icon to automatically select any remaining elements. They may or may not want to use this based on your lottery settings, configurations, and specific concerns for course enrollment.
  4. Filter: They can use the filter to narrow down a long cumbersome list.
  5. Close: Exit this screen

Filter Options

Students can use the filter to narrow down a long list of Course Sections and rank those of interest to the student. For example, in a Course Block Lottery, this field will list all of the individual course Blocks that are part of the lottery. Remember! Blocks are representative of groups of courses that all begin and end on the same dates.

The Free Text field will apply to all text that is included in the applicable fields for your lottery.


You can monitor the Lottery status after Students begin accessing the Lottery. Click Status from the Lottery Record to check the Lottery's progress.

Remember, these choices are not yet awarded to the student.

Once the Lottery User Summary Status Listing loads, you have multiple options.

  • Refresh: Click on this to refresh the Report with any recent changes.
  • Undelete All: If you have closed and then re-opened a Lottery, there may be many Student choices that were deleted as part of the Lottery process. This option will re-activate all of those records.
  • Unselect: Click here to mark any selected records as unselected.
  • Element Count: This is the number of Elements, or Course Sections, that a student has selected and ranked.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that Leo will not award a student any Course Section if it has not been selected. Depending on the lottery settings, course availability, and type of lottery you are running, you may or may not want students to select all Elements that are part of the Lottery. However, if you do require that students select all Elements that are a component of your Lottery, you can use the Auto-Select feature in the event that some students did not select all elements.

Using Auto-Select

From the Status Listing, you click on a student's name to see a detailed listing of that student's selections and rankings.

From this screen, you can choose Options > Auto Select to select any remaining unselected elements. This is helpful when your lottery configuration requires students to select all elements, and some students have only ranked a few or no elements and you need to close the Lottery to preview status.

Choosing Auto-Select will only select any remaining un-selected elements and rank them after the individual student's already selected and ranked elements. It will NOT overwrite any already selected and ranked elements.


For a more detailed status report, click the Roster link.

This report shows the Students that have made at least one (1) selection. You can also view:

  • All Students: Full Student Roster
  • Students with no Selection: View Student who have no made a selection.
  • Refresh: Refresh the screen and Lottery results to see the latest data.
Run/Preview Course Block Lottery to Preview Results

When you are ready to run and preview your Lottery results, open the Lottery Record and choose Run/Preview Lottery.

You will be presented with a warning message alerting you of the following:

  • Participants will be assigned to their top choices where there is room.
  • Where there is not enough room, participants will be selected by Lottery until the element is full.

You can then click Stop to cancel, or Run Lottery to preview the results.

If you select Run, you will be prompted to type a confirmation code, and the lottery will be queued for processing by Leo. You will receive an email notification once the lottery results are ready to preview. The length of this process will vary based on the complexity of your lottery (type, number of elements, number of students, etc.).

Preview Course Block Lottery Results

Once the lottery has processed, you'll see an updated status in the Lottery/Signup Listing. Clicking on the name, will enable you to Preview the student roster.

NOTE: While in Preview status, the lottery results are NOT visible to students.

While in preview, you can:

  1. view all assigned elements,
  2. view student selections,
  3. reset the Lottery to Open status,
  4. finalize the Lottery,
  5. and view a rank distribution pie chart.

These reports are not all available once a Lottery has been finalized. You should download any report or save other information you would like to access before finalizing the lottery.

You can also choose (3) Reset to Open to change a Lotteries status back to Open. Doing this will present you with an option to re-open only cancelled elements, or re-open all elements. Choosing to re-open all elements, will negate the Lottery Preview results. Be aware that running a lottery a second time is likely to yield different results due to the randomization of the lottery process.

Choose (4) Finalize Lottery as the last step to finish the lottery process. This will change the Lottery's status to Finalized in the Lottery/Signup Report. While the Lottery is now closed, you can still access some information about the Lottery and verify student enrollment.

When you finalize a Course Block Lottery in Leo, Leo will automatically enroll students into their awarded course sections.

Finalized Lotteries

Once a Lottery is Finalized it will appear in the Lottery list with a Finalized status. You can click on the name of the Lottery to view detailed information about the outcome of the Lottery. If you click on any item in the list, you can view the details and also Re-open any of the Finalized Lotteries.

View Final Roster

After opening a Lottery with a Closed status. Choose Final Roster to view the final rosters for each Course in the Lottery. From this screen you can do the following:

  1. click on Email Results to Users to send out an email to all participants informing them of the Lottery results.
  2. view By Student - This will show a list of Students and their final assignment. If the Lottery allows multiple assignments, the Students will appear in the list multiple times.
  3. view All Elements - This shows the status of all elements, including canceled elements (the element was not selected by anyone or the Min Count was not met).

Student Roster

This report shows the student's final selections for a Lottery. For closed lotteries, the report will show all selections, and will indicate the final selection with an asterisk.

Students with at least One Selection

This report shows the Students choices in rank order.

NOTE:  You can edit the rank settings of the choices. This option is provided in case you want to re-run the Lottery with adjusted rank settings.

All Students

The Full Student Roster report provides a summary of the Lottery results for the Students. You are able to view the selection that has been awarded to each Student and Rank choice.

Re-opening a Closed Lottery

  • If you would like to re-open a closed Lottery/Signup, identify the Lottery/Signup in the list of Finalized Lotteries.
  • Click Re-Open Lottery.

When you click on Re-Open Lottery, you will have two options for how to re-open the Lottery:

  • Re-Open Canceled Choices: This will make all of the canceled choices available to Users again. This option is only of use if there were unselected options still available.
  • Re-Open All Choices: This option will re-open the canceled choices and will also re-open the choices that have been awarded. Students will be removed from the Course, Event, Group, etc., to which they were assigned by the Lottery.

Select how you want to open the Lottery.

  • You will be prompted to type a confirmation code (provided in the message).

Depending on whether you select Re-Open Canceled Choices or Re-Open All Choices, you will receive one of the messages shown here. When you click on OK, you will be taken back to the Edit Lottery screen.

Once you re-open the Lottery, you can edit it like you would set up or edit an existing Lottery that was not finalized.

Force Close

This option will let you Force Close a Lottery without further processing. If a Lottery is taking too long to complete, and only has a limited number of outstanding choices, this option can be used to force the Lottery to close, after which you can manually assign the remaining choices.

NOTE: Once you Finalize the Lottery/Signup, Students that have not participated will be left out. You will need to manually add those Students to the individual Course/Group/Event's Student roster.

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