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Course Settings: Student Groups

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This report shows a list of all Student Groups for a given Academic year.

NOTE: In many cases, these Groups may have been auto-created for Courses with no enrollment, which means that many of the Groups in the list may have no Students assigned.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Course Settings > Student Groups > [Select Year]

(1) Edit Group

This report shows the Users in a Group assigned to an Exam.

Select Edit Group link

This screen is used to manage a Group, which includes:

  • The security level of the Group
  • The optional Course that to which the Group is linked
  • The members of the Group

NOTE: If this is a Student Enrollment Group, you should add Users by creating a roster record in the Course Screen.

Options in Edit Group:

  • Users: Presents a build list to manage the Users in this Group
  • Admins: Administrators of this Group
  • Events: List of events linked to this Group
  • Types: Define the Group type(s)
  • Roster: A detailed list of the Users in the Group
  • Clone: Make a copy of this Group
  • Copy User: Copy Users from other Groups into this Group
  • Affiliation: Copy Users in this Group based on User affiliation
  • Set Profile: Set profile options on all Users in the Group
  • Composite: Generate a photo composite of the Users in the Group
  • Import: Import a list of Users into the Group based on netID or any other standard User ID set
  • Export: Export a list of netIDs for the Users in this Group
  • Clear: Clear all Users from the Group
  • Merge: Merge this Group with another Group. This Group will remain after the merge

(2) Faculty

(3) All Current

(4) All

All Groups: Individual Groups, Student Groups and Faculty Groups

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