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Event Types: Default IM/AM Mapping

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Path: Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Course Settings > Events > Event Types > [Select Academic Year] > Run Report

You can also select "All Event Types" to see a report with all available event types in your system, as opposed to event types that are only used in the selected Academic Year.

Select the number in the I/M (instructional methodology) or A/M (assessment methodology) column to select the methods used for that specific Event Type.

A/M Mapping

  1. Select the Assessment Methodology that want to map/link from the Available column to move it to the Selected column.
  2. Now check if this is a Primary methodology and if it is Formative or Summative.
  3. Click OK


I/M Mapping

  1. Click on "Link Instructional Method".
  2. Search for and select the instructional method you want to make default for this specific event type.
  3. If it is the Primary instructional method (i.e. the instructional method is used for more time than others), check the "Primary" checkbox.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Add other instructional methods as needed. Note: There can only be one Primary instructional method.
  6. Add a proportion of time that is dedicated (on average) to each instructional method. Note: You should be sure that all instructional methods account for 100% of the event.
  7. Choose Save.


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