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New Academic Year Maintenance

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This article will show you how to get your system ready for the new Academic Year, a "Back to School" maintenance plan.

NOTE: It is recommended that maintenance be completed annually for each Program.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Program Settings > Years and Dates > Academic Years > Add New Year 

new Year
Set the Academic Year

The key features of this screen include:

  • Year Number: (*) This is the numeric year number that this record represents
  • Year Name:  (*) This is the name of the year, which should include the Program's abbreviation
  • Program: (*) This links the year to a Program. This is the primary means of linking a Course to a Program  (i.e., assigning the year to a Course also assigns the Program).
  • From: The (default) first day of this year
  • To: The (default) last day of this year
  • Goal Version:  (*) Defines the set of Goals and Objectives to be used in this Academic year. This should not be changed once there is activity in this year.
  • Deleted: This deletes the Academic Year record. This should never be set to YES for a year that has activity.
Academic Year New Record
Set the Current Year

Path: Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Program Settings > Years and Dates > Academic Years > Set Current Year

Step 2: Set the Current Year

Set current year

  • The Year you select will apply to all current programs in your system.
  • Click Save Record to save and continue.
Select the current year

The Current Year will also determine which Courses you will see on your Home screen [under Courses] because you will usually only see Courses that are for the Current Year, the most recent year, and the upcoming year. As an example, if you set 2019-2020 as the Current Year, you will only see Courses for 2018-2019, 2019-2020, and 2020-2021 across programs in the Home > Courses view.

Define the Program Year

Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Program Settings > Years and Dates > Program Years

  • Select a program from the list.
Step 3: Defining Program Year

Current Year for Program

  • Select the Program Year for the courses within this program.
  • Click Save Default Year to save and continue.
Current Year for Program
NOTE: Registrar Office Years

NOTE: If your Course rosters are imported into Leo from your Registrar, but the term definition is not part of the feed, Leo will need that information spelled out.  

For example, your roster feed shows a Course as being in term 4159, but the feed doesn't show that 4159 equals a term for Med1 Students in the year 2015, this information will need to be input into the System manually.  

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