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The definition of a Sign Up, is where Students pick an available Event or Group from a list. Once that item has been selected, the Student is done.

The Signup Tool allows Students to choose only one of a given number of choices. There is no rank ordering for Sign-ups; they are based on a first come, first serve selection.

Events generally use our Signup feature:

  • Events: If there is just one Event to be signed up for (ex: A Simulation Center exercise) then use this option.

If the Signup has been activated in your system, the Activity Icon (Bell) will have a red number on it.

Activity Bell

Signup Report

Path: Admin Toolbar > Curriculum Management > Lotteries/Signups > Open Signup Report

This report shows a list of open Signups and Lotteries for a given status. You can edit or review each Signup in the list.

The statuses are:

  1. Add New: This option is used to create a new Signup.
  2. Open: This is every Signup that is not finalized, deleted, or in preview mode.
  3. Preview: These Signups have been run, but the results have not been used to update the Elements (Sections, Events, Long Event, or Groups) in the Lottery.
  4. Finalized: These Signups have been run and the Students placed in the Elements they were awarded.
  5. Deleted: These Signups have been deleted. You can un-delete these Signups if you want.
  6. Edit: Edit a Signup by clicking on the Name

NOTE: In order to set up a Signup, first you need to set up the Elements that will make up the Signup.

These are referred to as the Elements.

  • Events: This is applicable for one or more Events (ex. a Simulation Center exercises).
  • Groups: This is used for a set of Events to be taken as a Group.
  • Courses: This is applicable for a Course. This option does not have any logic for prerequisites.
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