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By the Numbers

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By the Numbers allows you to search for specific Events, Event documents, or Courses, using the data/ID numbers.

  • Data numbers or ID#'s are automatically assigned to Events, documents, Courses, etc by Leo.
  • These numbers are used by the Leo to identify each individual item.

Path: Home > Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Program Settings > By the Numbers

TIP: To find the Course, Event or Materials numbers, please refer to this article: Where are the ID Numbers?

Event Number

  • Input the individual Event ID number.
  • Click View Event to view the Event Screen.

Event Document Number

  • Input the individual Document ID number.
  • Click View Record

Course Number

  • Input the individual Course ID number.

Build Faculty List

Alt Course IDs

Alternate Course IDs are used to interface Leo with external systems, usually to gain access to an LTI provider. 


This report lists all Alternate Course ID types used in your system and a count of Courses that have and have not been assigned Alternate Course  ID of that type.

  1. Select New Course ID Type from the Options drop-down to create a new Alternate Course ID.
  2. Clicking on an Alternate Course ID Type will allow you to edit its name.
  3. Clicking on the Count will provide a report that lists the Courses having the given Alternate Course ID type.
  4. Clicking on the Missing will provide a list of Courses missing the given Alternate Course ID.

Conflict Report

This report shows the Events that are in conflict for a given Academic Year.

Search the report by:

  1. Location
  2. New Year
  3. Future Only
  4. ReScan
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