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Course Settings: Cross Reference (Xref)

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This screen lets you define a link from your Leo Course to an external version of the Course, a Cross Reference (Xref). Often, these cross reference records will be created by your customized Roster Import Routine, but you can use this tool to create a cross reference record manually.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Curriculum Management > Course Settings > Xref > [Select Year] > [Select School Year]

  • This report shows the various Course cross reference types defined for your system.
  • The report also shows the number of Courses linked to the Course reference types for the current Academic Year and School Year

Add Course Xref Type

  • For example, if you use PeopleSoft, and their ID for your Course is 78142, then you would enter 78142 as the Name.
  • In other systems might be a combination of name and date, such as "Medicine*2015-07-07",
  • Or, name, date, and campus: "Medicine*2015-07-07*EAST"
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