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Courses: Sections

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A Section is the execution of a specific Course based on a given Course Template. The Section is defined by the following basic settings:

  • The Course Template
  • The Year
  • Begin Date
  • End Date

A Section contains lots of other data, but the above fields are what define it as a unique Section.

Sections are also commonly called a Course or Rotation

Path: Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Course Settings > Courses > Sections

Sections Menu options:

  1. Create New Section: This will create a New Section. You must pick the Course Template, Year, Date Range and Campus.
  2. View All: This will create a list of all Courses (Sections/Rotations)
  3. View Hidden: This will generate a list of all Courses that have been marked as hidden. These Course are invisible to the rest of the System.
  4. View New: This option will generate a list of all Courses created within a specified date range.
  5. Keyword Search: Type a word or double-click to see a selection in alphabetical order.

TIP: Hidden Courses are much like deleted Courses in that they are no longer visible to most Users.

The main purpose of Hidden Courses is to hide Courses imported via an external feed (i.e., the roster).

Create New Section

NOTE: If your system is getting a roster feed from your Registrar, then you will only need to use this option for Courses that are not officially part of the curriculum, or for Off-Cycle Sections.

This option lets you create a new Course of an existing Course Template by:

  • Select a Year
  • Select a Course Template
  • Create Section

A new Section/Rotation, along with its associated Groups, will be created.

  • Select Year
  • Assign a Begin and an End Date
  • Assign a Campus
  • Create New Section

NOTE: You cannot create a new Section if there is already a Section with these exact settings.

View All (Section Listing)

This report shows all Active Courses for a given Year and all Deleted and Hidden Courses are excluded.

Items in this report are sorted by:

  1.  School Year
  2.  Course Name
  3.  Course/section begin date

View Hidden

Select the Year,

View New

  1. This option will generate a list of all Courses created for the specified date range
  2. Or you can search by Recent Updates to view that list of Courses

Recent Updates

Click the Course Name link to be taken to the Section Screen.

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