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Courses: Remove Courses

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The purpose of this report is to provide basic information about Courses within a year so that you can determine if the Courses are valid.

If you determine that a Course is not valid, the remove button will delete the Course.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Course Management > Course Settings > Courses > Remove Course Sections > Select Year

Warning: The Remove button acts immediately. There is no confirmation. You can use the Restore Courses option to retrieve deleted Courses.

Basic features of this report:

  • Remove: This button will delete the selected Course
  • Course Name: Links to the Course screen
  • Event Count:  The event count is a count of active Events for the Course.
  • Student Count: The Student count is a list of active Students in the Course's primary Student Group
  • Roster Count: This is a count of the number of roster records that exist for this Course. Normally, there is only one record, but depending how the interface with your Registrar works, there could be more.


This report shows all Courses for a given year that are in Deleted or Hidden status (or both).

Clicking the Restore button will set both the Hidden and Deleted to false (Deleted = No)

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