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Welcome! Here is a list of questions that Students frequently ask.

Please visit the relevant links to the User Guide for additional information, as well as detailed workflows and screenshots, to help you as you work within the System.

Mobile Access

Q: Is there a mobile app?

A: No, We do not have an app because Leo has been designed to be responsive on different devices. This means the design will adapt to your device. You can access all features and full functionality from any device - desktop, tablet, or mobile.  


Q: I cannot see all the Events from all my Courses in my Calendar. Why?

A: Check your Calendar filters in the top left-hand side, just above the Calendar. You may need to set/remove filters.

Q: Can I set up a calendar feed to sync my Leo Calendar to my personal calendar?

A: Yes! You can sync your Leo Calendar and your personal calendar by setting up an iCal feed.


Q: Where can I see my grades for a Course?

A: You can see your grades for a Course from the Course Screen by selecting the Gradebook.

Q: Can I see my grades across Courses?

A: In order to see your grades across Courses, you can visit your Academic Portrait. If this feature is enabled by your institution and if the cumulative grade (for a particular Course) has been calculated by the Course Director, you will be able to see it here.

Q: Do I have the ability to see my overall progress in medical school in one place?

A: Yes! The Academic Portrait offers a comprehensive view of a Student’s academic career - Courses, Grades, Evaluations, Portfolio, Absences etc. However, each institution determines their individual settings and what information is made available for their Students and advisers.

Email and Notification

Q: How will I be notified of new Assignments, open Lotteries, Exams, etc.?

A: Notifications can be found in your Activity Report, accessible via the Activity Bell icon. If there is a new Lottery for you to participate in, or a new Evaluation for you to complete, it will appear in your Notifications.

Q: Can I send an email to my Course Director, Faculty, Adviser or peers from within the System?

A: Yes, you can use your Inbox to manage your communications.


Q: How do I request an absence?

A: Follow these steps for requesting an excused absence.

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