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Section: Mapping Menu

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These are the Mapping features that are available to Students in their Courses.

All Mapping

Tree View

For detailed information on the Tree View report, please refer to Section: Tree View article.

Session Objectives

Session Obj
  1. Event (view): Opens the Event screen.
  2. Session Objectives: Opens the Session Objective.

Course G & O


Event G & O

This report shows Goals & Objectives that have been mapped at the Event level. There are many ways that objectives can be mapped at the Event level, including:

  • Directly linked to the Event
  • Linked to Session Objectives that have been linked to an Event
  • Linked to Content (documents, videos, links) that have been linked to an Event

You can click on the count of learning objectives to get a detailed listing.

event G&O

Hover over the Goals or Objectives to see the full description.

Core Competencies

Competencies are Program or accreditation-level measures. Your school may have its own institution-based competencies in addition to PCRS, ACGME, NBME, etc.

Your institution may make these viewable to students.

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