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Event: Attendance

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When an Event is Mandatory, you must record your Attendance. This article will show you how to properly check-in and log your Attendance for a Mandatory Event.

Click on Event

When you hover over an Event , you will see a quick overview of the Event.

Click Record Your Attendance

If you are in attendance for an Event which requires you to log your attendance if you are present, click the button: Record Your Attendance.

  • This option will record your attendance in this Event.
  • When you click Confirm, you are affirming that you are present in the classroom.
  • If you click Cancel, you are acknowledging that you are not in attendance at the Event and you will exit this screen without recording your attendance.

Once you have Confirmed you are in attendance from the RECORD YOUR ATTENDANCE screen you will be brought back to the Event screen and will receive a pop-up indicating your Attendance has been recorded.

Warning: It is an Honor Code violation to record your attendance in an Event when you are not actually present.

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