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Messages allows you to create Announcements and/or Email messages to selected recipients within Leo. An Event announcement comes populated with all the Groups associated with the Event. To send other types of Event announcements pick the appropriate Group listed.

Event Announcement

Leo's messaging allows you to create Announcement and/or Email messages to selected recipients within Leo.

To send an Announcement you will need:

1. Ready to post: This is by default selected for you, if you are not ready to post, uncheck the box.

a. Announcement: By default the Announcement option is set

b. Email: You can use the Email option or both.

2. Recipients: Use the scissors to edit your recipient list.

3. Announcement Options: Use this feature to further customize your event announcement.

4. Text Body: Use the WISIWYG editor to customize fonts, add tables, links and more.

5. Paper Clip: Add attachments

6. Send your announcement.

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