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Preferred Web Browsers

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To gain the most out of using Leo we recommend that you utilize one of the preferred Web Browsers listed below. Although Leo aims to be functional with every device and browser, the combination you are using may not have the capability to fully support the tools in use by Leo.

Web Browsers supported

We recommend the following browsers for optimal safety and speed. Your school may place additional restrictions. 

  • the most recent stable version of Mozilla Firefox for desktop & mobile devices
  • the most recent stable version of Google Chrome for desktop & mobile devices
  • the most recent stable version of Safari for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS
  • the most recent stable version of Microsoft Edge for Windows devices

We recommend that you use Mozilla's Firefox web browser newer for maximum compatibility and security when accessing the System.

Leo does not support legacy browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and older versions of Microsoft Edge. If you attempt to log in to Leo using one of these outdated browsers, you will receive a warning message.

Warning: Your browser is no longer supported.

If you attempt to access Leo using an unsupported browser, you will receive an error message. Please open or download a supported web browser and re-attempt to log in.

Warning: Your Web browser is out of date

Leo includes a warning notice that will display if you log in with an outdated browser. If you receive this warning, please log out, update your web browser and log back into the System. 

Not Sure what Web Browser & Version your Device is running?

If you have questions or concerns about the web browser version that you are using, or are experiencing problems, please refer to the site: Whats My Browser. This site will help provide you with the information needed to resolve access issues to the System caused by your web browser.

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