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Using an Android Device

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Browser Pop-Up Blocker

The browser-based access for the System allows users to easily navigate the program on a mobile device. This guide will give you a few tips for using on an Android Device (e.g. Kindle Fire).

TIP: Turn off your browser Pop-up Blocker on your Android Device.

Path: Open Browser > Overflow Menu [horizontal ellipsis] > Settings > Advanced > Site Settings > Pop-ups

Toggle Pop-ups from the default setting of Blocked to Allowed.

Login to Leo

Type in your Username and Password to access the system, click Sign In.

Saving a Web Clip

A Web Clip is used for creating a shortcut to frequently used URLs on a device. Inside a browser it can be saved as a Bookmark or an app icon on the Home Screen.

Android (Kindle Fire)

  1. Tap the More Options [Vertical Ellipsis] in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Select Bookmarks
  1. Add Bookmark
  2. Edit the name
  3. Click Add

Saved Bookmarks on Kindle

In the browser on your device

  1. Tap the Overflow Menu [horizontal ellipsis].
  2. Click on Bookmarks to view saved Bookmarks.
Clearing Cache on Browser

It is recommended to clear the Browser cache every week or when the program starts acting wonky.

Path: Browser Settings > Settings > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data

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