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Using an Android Device

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Browser Pop-Up Blocker

The browser-based access for the System allows users to easily navigate the program on a mobile device. This guide will give you a few tips for using on an Android Device (e.g. Kindle Fire)

TIP: Turn off your browser Pop-up Blocker on your Android Device.

Path: Open Browser > Overflow Menu [horizontal ellipsis] > Settings > Advanced > Site Settings > Pop-ups

Toggle Pop-ups from the default setting of Blocked to Allowed.

Login to Leo

Type in your Username and Password to access the system, click Sign In.

Saving a Web Clip

A Web Clip is used for creating a shortcut to frequently used URLs on a device. Inside a browser it can be saved as a Bookmark or an app icon on the Home Screen.

Android (Kindle Fire)

  1. Tap the More Options [Vertical Ellipsis] in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Select Bookmarks
  1. Add Bookmark
  2. Edit the name
  3. Click Add

Saved Bookmarks on Kindle

In the browser on your device

  1. Tap the Overflow Menu [horizontal ellipsis].
  2. Click on Bookmarks to view saved Bookmarks.
Clearing Cache on Browser

It is recommended to clear the Browser cache every week or when the program starts acting wonky.

Path: Browser Settings > Settings > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data

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