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Evaluations can be accessed through your Academic Portrait, Evaluation Portal, and the Evaluations Link in your Profile. This article describes how you can access and manage your Evaluations.

Evaluations Portal

The Evaluations Portal can be used to access all active and open Evaluations which you need to complete. To access the Evaluations Portal, click on your profile photo in the top right corner and select Eval Portal on the Account Menu.

The Evaluations Portal Link will take you to a report that shows all of the active and open evaluations you need to complete for the current day.

In the Evaluation Portal you will have the ability to access and complete evaluations.

Click on the Evaluation you would like to take. Once the Evaluation has been submitted, the Eval Portal will update the list of open Evaluations.

When you are finished taking the evaluation or multiple evaluations, you can log out by clicking on the logout icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen or return to the Leo System by clicking on the ->] return icon.

Request an Evaluation (On-Demand Evaluation)

When enabled by the institution, Students can Request An Evaluation of them to be completed.

  1. Click Request an Evaluation on the Eval Portal screen.
  2. Complete fields on the Request An Evaluation screen.
  3. Click Submit to close the Evaluation Request. An email with a link to the evaluation will be sent to the evaluator you chose.
  • Course Section: Use the drop-down to select the Course Section associated to the Evaluation Request.
  • Associate this evaluation with an Event?: This optional drop-down allows the Evaluation Request to be associated to a particular Event.
  • Evaluation Form: This drop-down will provide a list of approved Evaluation forms available for On-Demand Evaluation Requests.
  • Evaluator: Use the Evaluator drop-down to designate to whom the Evaluation form should be sent.
  • Notes to include in Request: Provide additional notes to be included in the Evaluation Request with the text box.


Once submitted, a confirmation message will be provided to verify that the Evaluation Request was successful.

Track Evaluation Requests

Students can track evaluation requests they have submitted from their Profile.

Click the Account Icon (Profile picture), and select Profile.

Click the Evaluations link on the Profile screen.

Click Options and select On-Demand Evaluations of Current User.

Track requests using the Status column.

  1. Completed: The evaluator you selected has completed the evaluation form. Once approved, it will become available for you to view from your Academic Portrait.
  2. Expired: Once an evaluation is requested, evaluators have by default 14 days to complete the Evaluation (however each institution can determine this duration). If the Evaluation is not completed within this period the request will update to Expired Status.
  3. In Progress: When an Evaluation is marked as In Progress, the Evaluator has accessed and/or started to complete the Evaluation but has not yet submitted it.
  4. Requested: This means the evaluation was requested but the evaluator has not started to complete the form yet.

Access Evaluations through the Profile

To access your Evaluations through your Profile, complete the following path: [click on Account Photo] > Profile > Evaluations

  • Click the Evaluations link to view pending, active or open Evaluations you have taken, as well as the Evaluations others have completed of you.

NOTE: This feature needs to be enabled by your local system administrator in order to be visible to you. If you do not see the Evaluations link in your Profile, see your local administrator for more information.

NOTE: Restrictions may apply based on the de-identified status of certain Evaluations.

Open (Active) Evaluations

This report shows a summary of the Evaluations for the user to complete in the System. Each user has access to this report to track their Evaluations. This report links to detailed listings where you can review completed Evaluations or start/complete unfinished or unopened Evaluations.

  • The number listed in the Open column indicates the number of open Evaluations for each Course listed.
  • Click the number link to view the detailed list of open Evaluations for that Course.

NOTE: Clicking the Evaluation links in the screen will not open the actual Evaluations - you will have to go to your Activity page if you want to take the listed Evaluation (or you can access the Evaluation from the Course or Event Screen).

Evaluations of Current User

The Evaluations of Current User option will take you to a summary list of the Evaluations of you.

Note: Different institutions have privacy and business rules that may restrict access to some Evaluations. You can ask your local administrator for more details.

  • Users have the ability to view the Evaluations of themselves.
  • Click the number count in the total column to view your Evaluations.

Evaluation Review Mode

  1. To submit completed Evaluations, click Submit.
  2. To view Evaluation options, click the Options drop-down menu.
  3. To end the Evaluation without submitting, click Close.
  4. Move the slider to choose a rating. As the slider moves, the associated value will display.
  5. Click Reset Rating to remove the rating you previously chose.
  6. Fields marked with * are required and will need a response in order to fully submit the Evaluation.
  7. The Evaluation progress bar will update as the Evaluator completes the Evaluation.
  8. To view the Next Page of the Evaluation, select Next Page.
  9. To move to the next open Evaluation, select Next Eval.

Completed Evaluations

This report is a list of courses with Evaluations that you have completed.

You can click on the number for a detailed list of the Evaluations.

Detailed list

TIP: You can click the name link under the Evaluation column to view a read-only version of the Evaluation you completed.

Incomplete Evaluations

If you attempt to submit an Evaluation with unanswered questions, you will get an alert to clarify which evaluations have been completed and submitted.  Since you cannot submit incomplete Evaluations, this box will also alert you to Evaluations that are not yet complete and need further attention.

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