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Path: Courses > [Select Course] > Events

Events Menu


All Events

  • Clicking on a link will open the Event.
  • All Events can be sorted further by selecting My Events.
  • Filters can be applied to search specific event criteria:
    • Event Type
    • Location
    • Category
    • Theme
    • Date Range

Events By Attire

This report will list all events where special attire is required.

Grader Events and Long Events

This report will show you the Exams where you have been assigned Grader status. The Exams can be attached to:

  • Events
  • Long Events
  • The Course screen

If you have been assigned as a Grader at the Course/Section level then you are automatically assigned as a Grader to all Events and Long Events.

Only exams with text based responses will be listed in this report.

Student-Instructor Events and Long Events

This report shows all of the Events in the current Course/Section to which you have been assigned as a Student-Instructor (Faculty)

Long Events

This report shows your Long Events for the current course.

If you have any Long Events,  you will be able to click on the name in this report to view the Long Event.

Hours by Event Type

This represents the number of hours of instructions for the average student in the course.

iCal Export

Initiates an iCal export for download.

For further instructions, see the Calendar Feeds article.

My Attendance

This report shows all mandatory events for a student in a given course.

For information on how to request an absence from a mandatory event, please refer to Student Mandatory Absence Request article.

All attendance report

Attendance in other courses

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