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Section: Assessments

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These are the assessment features that are available to students in their Courses.

Path> Courses > [Select] Course > Assessment


If there is a Pencil and Speech Bubble you can hover over and read Faculty comments.

My Assignments

This report shows all Active Assignments for you in this Course. There may be Assignments that are not shown in this report because they are not currently available.

You can upload (turn in) documents for any Active Assignment. Please refer to Student Upload Assignments

  • Event: Click to view Event
  • Assignment: The title of the actual Assignment. Click here to upload a document.
  • Content: The most recent document you have uploaded for the Assignment Folder. You can download the file by clicking on the icon.
  • Status: Indicates if the Assignment is open. You cannot upload a file if the status is NYA (Not Yet Available) or Closed/Expired.


A summary of PET Procedures and PET Diagnoses can be accessed from the Course screen.

PET Summary Reports

The report shows a summary of activity for PET activity and reports can be generated that show all, completed, and missing PET.

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