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Event Screen Overview

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  • The Event Screen is the central portal for all things related to an Event. This is also where Students and Faculty can view the basic information for an Event. Students can view and download Event materials, view Announcements, participate in Discussion boards, etc.

Path: Home > Calendar > Event

Click on the Event that you want to explore in more detail.

The Event Screen

These are the three main components for the Event Screen

  1. Event Screen Menu
  2. Event Content Area
  3. Related Materials

NOTE: Depending on your role (e.g. student, faculty, staff and your enrollment in the event) you may see different options on the Event Screen Menu.

Event Screen
Event: Details

This includes the dress code, attendance, location, date range, time, event type, instructors, and a short description of the Event.

Event: Assignments

This report shows all of the assignments due in the current Event. Click the "View" option to see the instructions for the assignment.

Event: Discussions

Event Discussions are managed from this screen. Students can start a discussion, view the event's discussions and participate in faculty generated Exam Discussions.

For detailed information on Discussions, refer to the article Event Discussion.

Event: Assessment

For detailed information on Assessment and Exams, refer to the article Event Assessment.

Event: Announcements

This report shows all of the announcements in the current Event.

Event: Messages

Messages Menu

The following options are available via the Course and Event Screens:

  • Event Announcement - sends a message to all Students, Faculty, and Staff associated with the Course.
  • Students Only Announcement - sends a message to all Students enrolled in the Event.
  • Faculty and CD Announcement - send a message to all Faculty and Course Directors associated with the Course.
  • Course Director Announcement - send a message to only Course Directors associated with the Event

For detailed information on Messages refer to the article Event Messages.

Event: Mapping Menu

This report will show a summary listing of all mapped Goals and Objectives for the current Event.

For detailed information on Mapping, refer to the article Event Mapping.

Event: People

For more detailed information, please refer to the Event: People article

Event Details (2)

Event: Info

The event Info screen is where instructor's might decide to add additional rich content related to a specific learning event or course.

Event: Related Materials (3)

Documents in bold have not been downloaded

You can click on each item to download the document (or open a new window for web links).

Select the Materials icon to toggle Related Materials on or off the screen.

Event Material Download Tools

Conveniently download an Event's materials in a .ZIP file.

To download event materials, refer to the Download Materials Article.

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