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Section: Discussions

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Start new discussions that are associated with participants in the Course/Section. This is available to all Users.

Path: Courses > [Select Course] > Discussions

New Discussion

Path: Courses > [Select Course] > Discussion > Options > New Discussion

This screen allows you create or manage a Discussion. Each Discussion must have a title and a group of people who can participate in the discussion.

By default, the following people are automatically included:

  • Any Student linked to the current Event or Course/Section
  • Any Faculty or Instructors linked
  • The Course Directors and Coordinators
  • Any Staff that is assigned

NOTE: If you are an Administrator, you can modify the list of Users.

  • Title: Please choose a Name/Tittle for the Discussion. This field is required (*)
  • Instructions: Use the WYSIWYG editor, which has tools that allow you to embed video.
  • Public: Yes/No toggle. Yes = Open to ALL Users in Course/Section
  • Save Record

View Discussions

  1. Read the Discussion post
  2. Reply to the post
  3. Create a new Topic

Reply To

TIP: The replies will be viewable once you click the + Sign next to [Reply]

Editing a Discussion Board

Students can reply, edit or delete their posts and replies in a Discussion.

Reply: Click on the Reply option of a post to continue the conversation under that topic.

Edit: Should a User need to modify their content on the Discussion Board they will be able to Click Edit. 

[X]: Click this icon if you would like to remove your post on the Discussion Board. 

Create New Topic

Graded Discussions

Graded Discussions can be pushed to the Gradebook and included in Course grades.  Once released students, can view their scores or comments regarding their performance in the Discussion.

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