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Creating On-Demand Evaluations

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We know that Evaluations are a vital component of your health sciences curriculum. With On-Demand Evaluations Leo allows your Students and Faculty to request Evaluations or complete Evaluations right from their Eval Portal. On-Demand Evaluations are configured at the Course Section Level ensuring that Course Administrators control which Evaluations can be requested or completed by Students and Faculty in their Course.  

This article details the necessary steps for setting up On-Demand Evaluations in Leo.

1. Enable On-Demand Evaluations in the Account Manager

Path: Admin Toolbar  > Advanced > Account Manager > Modules [expand] > Evaluation Settings [expand] > Program: General Evaluation Settings [expand] > Enable On-Demand Evaluations

2. Select which type of On-Demand Evaluations you want available in each course

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen> Course Template > Settings > Edit Course Template

From the Edit Course Template screen, choose the Settings for On-Demand Evaluations you would like to enable for each course.

This will determine which types of evaluations are available and what actions can be taken by students and/or faculty when using On-Demand Evaluations in the Eval Portal.

3. Configure On-Demand Evaluations for the Course Section

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Assessments > Evaluations > On-Demand Evaluations > Configure for this Course

From the On-Demand Evaluations screen, click Configure An Evaluation Form and add a new On-Demand Evaluation Form.

The following fields are required (*)

  1. Evaluation: Begin typing or double-click the box to display a menu of options to choose from. 
  2. Title: Enter a title for the On-Demand Evaluation.
  3. Eval Type: Use the drop-down to select the Evaluation Type.
  4. Click Save.

Consider including 'On-Demand' or 'OD' in your Evaluation Title to distinguish the purpose of this Evaluation form.

This form will now be available to Faculty and Students associated with the Course Section.  

This form can now be used when students or faculty "Request An Evaluation" or choose "Evaluate Someone Else" (see below).  The available forms will be dependent on both the type (Faculty evaluating Students, e.g.) of evaluation and the user's role.

The option to associate the evaluation with an Event is an optional drop-down and is not required to submit a request. Furthermore, this optional dropdown is only available with "Faculty evaluating Students" and "Students evaluating Faculty" forms. Evaluations involving clinical faculty will not have the option to select an event.

On-Demand Evaluations will only be available while the course in which it is configured is in progress. Once the section of the course has ended, any on-demand evaluations that have been configured will no longer be available.

Once submitted, the Evaluation will remain open for two weeks.  The same Course Section, Evaluation Form and Evaluator can be selected on future dates to collect Evaluation data across time in the Course.

If an on-demand configuration has been utilized in a course (i.e. someone has requested an evaluation), it should NOT be deleted. Deleting an active configuration that has been utilized to request or initiate evaluations will result in evaluations that appear to be missing from multiple on-demand eval reports in Leo, and students and administrators will no longer have the ability to track their status via those reports.

For more information on how Students and Faculty can Request An Evaluation refer to our Request an Evaluation or Evaluate Someone Else articles.

4. View On-Demand Evaluations

On-Demand Evaluations can be tracked and managed at the Course Section Level.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Assessments > Evaluations > On-Demand Evaluations > View Requested On-Demand Evaluations

From the On-Demand Evaluation Links screen you can view all On-Demand Evaluations requests for a given Course Section.

  1. Linked To: Provides the Course Section or Event Name for the Evaluation
  2. Eval Type: Indicates the Evaluation Type
  3. Date Requested: Lists the date the Evaluation was Requested
  4. Status: Indicates if an Evaluation was Requested or Completed
5. Summarize and Approve On-Demand Evaluations

The process to review, summarize and approve On-Demand Evaluations will be the same as other Evaluations in Leo.

Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Campus Level > Evaluations > Evaluation Types [expand]


Path: Home > Courses > [Course Screen] > Course Template Level > Assessments > Approve Evaluations > Evaluation Types [expand]

We recommended including 'On-Demand' or 'OD' in the Evaluation Title to help distinguish On-Demand Evaluations in the summarize and approval process.

For detailed information on the Evaluation Workflow in Leo please refer to our Evaluation Workflow and Summarize and Approve Evaluations articles.

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