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Evaluation Skip Logic

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Path: Admin Toolbar > Assessment > Evaluations > Eval Listing > [select Evaluation]

When you need to add logic to an evaluation form to control which questions are answered based on an evaluator's initial response to a question, you can use skip logic.

Leo allows you to create skip logic to branch from:

  1.  one question to a different question further down your form,
  2. or to skip from one page to a different page in your form (2).

Skip to a Question (1)

When editing a response item on an evaluation form, you can choose to skip to a question if that response is selected.

You can only skip to questions further down the form. You cannot skip to prior questions on the form.

responses with skip logic applied

Skip to a Page (2)

You can indicate which page should come next in sequence. For example, if you skipped to a question on page 3 based on a page 1 response. You can indicate that the evaluator will skip from page 3 to page 5 because the questions on page 4 are not relevant to the evaluator based on their initial response.

page breaks with page skip logic applied

Example of a Form with Skip Logic

This is what the form looks like in the evaluation editor:

This is what the form looks like for an evaluator:

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