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Email Triggers

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Path: Admin Toolbar > Assessment > Evaluations > Email Triggers

Email Triggers will set an administrative notification based on responses to more than one question in an Evaluation.

As an example, your institution may want to utilize this feature to trigger a notification when responses indicate mistreatment or thoughts of self-harm.

Edit Email Triggers

Click the Name of the Trigger that needs to be edited.

Add New Trigger

  • Name: Each Trigger needs a name, required (*)
  • Description: A description is helpful but optional
  • Recipient: Enter the name of the Admin User(s) that will be receiving these alerts
  • Save Record

Using an Evaluation Email Trigger

To assign a trigger to be used with an evaluation form, go to the evaluation listing and open an evaluation form in the eval editor. 

  • Admin Toolbar > Assessments > Evaluations > Eval Listing > [choose the eval you want to edit or create a new eval form]
  • Expand the question to which you want to add a trigger.
  • Edit the response that you want to serve as the trigger to send an email notification.
  • Select the Email Trigger (Notification) that will be run when this response is selected by an evaluator.

Now whenever this response is selected by an evaluator, the individuals selected for the Email Trigger will immediately get an email when this response is submitted (or if the evaluator closes their browser window before submitting).

Learn more about adding triggers to responses here.

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