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Response Sets

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A Response Set is a pre-defined set of Responses that can be used for any question in an Evaluation. Response Sets can come in handy when you want the answers to a question to be simple.

An example of this could be the following responses: Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree. This is a typical example of an Evaluation Response Set.

Path: Assessment > Evaluations > Response Sets

  1. Click an existing Evaluation Response Set to edit the Response Set
  2. Add New Response Set: Create a new Response Set 

Edit Response Sets

  1. Response Set Name: Begin typing to edit/change the Name of the Response Set and click the Save Record button
  2. Edit Responses: Click the link to edit the current responses

Edit Responses

  • You can click any of the Responses to edit them
  • Clicking Add Response will allow you to make a new response

Add Response

This screen is used to enter the responses that make up the Response Set. The actual response is the only required field (*).

TIP: If you need a higher response value, your System Administrator can adjust the maximum response value in the Account Manager, in the Evaluations section.

  • Response: This is required (*)
  • Description: Optional
  • Sequence: Sequence order
  • Value: Value used for analyzing responses (with up to two decimal places).                            
  • Designate as Not Applicable: You have the option to mark a response as Not Applicable (N/A). If selected on a summary evaluation, the question will not apply to any scoring calculations, percentages, statistics, etc.
  • Save Record
  • Deleted: Yes/No toggle
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