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Exams Menu Overview

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Path: Admin Toolbar > Assessment > Exams

Exam Menu options

  • Submitted Exams: This report shows a list of Exams within your system that have at least one valid, submitted response.  Refer to article Submitted Exams
  • By Student: Search for a Student by entering their name or NetID to run a history of every Exam taken within Leo. Refer to article By Student
  • Assessment Types: Allows you to search by Assessment Type and create new Assessment Types. Refer to article Assessment Types
  • Exam Types: This option is used to manage Exam Types. Refer to article Exam Types
  • Question Types: Question Types define the basic functionality of a question in an Exam and how it is displayed and graded. Refer to article Question Types
  • Exam Import Types: This report shows the currently defined Exam Import Types for your system. Refer to article Exam Import Types
  • Gradebook Categories: Manage and create new Gradebook categories. Refer to article Gradebook Categories
  • Question Categories: This screen will let you create a new question category. If no owner is assigned, then only Administrators will be able to change or delete this category. Refer to article Question Categories
  • Multiple Choice Templates: The screen lists various MC templates and allows for New Templates to be created. Refer to article Multiple Choice Templates
  • Exam Display Formats: Edit and create new formats for displaying Exam questions. Refer to article Exam Display Formats
  • Priorities: Provides a list of Priority Levels. Refer to article Priorities
  • Deleted Exams: Displays a list of deleted Exams, this list can be edited. Refer to article Deleted Exams
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