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Question Types

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Question Types define the basic functionality of a question in an Exam. It determine how it is displayed, how it is graded, and, in some cases, how special functionality related to the Question Type is used.

NOTE: In general, you should not modify this list.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Assessment > Exams > Question Types

  1. Active Types: Current Question Types available, edit the Type by clicking on the Name.
  2. New Question Type: Click link to create a new Question Type
  3. Deleted Types: Any questions linked to these Question Types will no longer be available.
  4. Deprecated Types: These questions will function, but you will not be able to create a new Exam using Depreciated Question Types.  Eventually, these Question Types may become invalid.

Add/Edit Question Type

  • Type Name: Required field (*)
  • Description: Describe the Question Type (optional but extremely useful)
  • Structured: NO = The answer requires expert evaluation
  • Multiple Answers: YES  = Can have multiple answers at the same time
  • Range Values: YES = The System will auto assign values to the results
  • A/R Flag: YES = All responses must be correct
  • Matching: YES = Matching type question
  • Free Response: YES = Free response text field
  • Save/Save-As-New
  • Deprecated: YES = No longer available for new Exams
  • Deleted: YES = The Question Type has been deleted.
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