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User Eval History

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This Evaluation User History option lets you review all of the evaluations of and by a given User.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Assessment > Evaluations > User Eval History

  1. User: Required (*)
  2. Academic Year: If left blank then All Years will be used in the report
  3. Click Run Report

User Eval Summary

Clicking the Count link will open an Evaluation History Detail report on the User.

Eval History Detail

This report shows a detailed list of all Evaluations based on the following parameters:

  • Role: Evaluator or Evaluatee
  • Evaluation Type
  • User ID
  • Academic Year (optional)

This report includes the following information:

  • Evaluation Title: Click to generate a PDF of the evaluation
  • Linked to: Course the Eval is linked to. Clicking opens the Info Screen
  • Course: This will open the Course Screen
  • Date Range: From and To
  • Percentage % Completed: Percentage of answers completed

Clicking on the Title of the Evaluation will generate a PDF download of the Evaluation.

PDF Screen

Use either the Download or the Print icon.

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