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Response Trigger Summary

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This screen allows you to set filters and run a summary report of Evaluations that have links to triggered responses from Students.  Triggered responses are set up via the Faculty Evaluating Students  report. When an evaluation is submitted, it checks for any instances of these responses being selected and records them for review on this report.

Path: Admin Toolbar> Assessment > Evaluations > Response Trigger Summary

After you select the Program, you will be shown a list of Instructors, you can deselect the ones you don't want to show in the report.

Run Report

This report lists counts of trigger responses selected by Students for all of the Evaluations applicable.

Student: Click the Student's name to view the Evaluation

Eval Trigger Detail

This report lists the responses that were were flagged as triggered at the time the Student completed the given Evaluation as well as the corresponding questions.

  • Once the Triggers have been reviewed, place a check in the box by each question/response.
  • NOTE: In the previous screen, the Evaluation Response Trigger Summary, all questions/responses can be marked reviewed at once.
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