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Multiple Choice Templates

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Exam Response Sets are used to create Likert scale-type questions that can be used in Discussion Exams.

For Discussions (and Journal Club), the sequence number of the response is the value that will be assigned to the response. The exception is 99,  which will be given a value of zero. This is to allow the creation of  an "N/A" response.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Assessment > Exams > Multiple Choice Templates

NOTE: If you are trying to use an Exam as an Evaluation, you are strongly encouraged to use the Evaluation System.

(1) Add New Template

  • Create a Name for the new Multiple Choice Template
  • Save Record

Create Response Set

  1. Click on Response Count
  2. Add New Response
  3. Create Response and choose Sequence
  4. Save Record

(2) Edit Existing Templates and Response Sets

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