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Incomplete Evals

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This Incomplete Evals option lets you review outstanding evaluations by Program, Eval Type, Year, Campus, Course Template and/or Section.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Assessment > Evaluations > Incomplete Evals

  1. The Program is required (*).
  2. You can select a secondary filter of Eval Type, Year, Campus, Course Template and/or Section to run the report.
  3. Check Summarized Data only to view a summary of the report results.
  4. Select Refresh Eval List to refresh the report results.
  5. After you have refreshed, you can select an Eval Form from the drop menu. If there are no evaluations, then you will have to adjust your options and try again.  The Eval Form is required (*).
  6. You can receive your report results by selecting Download Spreadsheet or Generate SQL.
  7. To reset your report select Reset Filters.
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