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Evaluation Trigger at the Question/Response Level

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There are 2 types of Evaluation Triggers in Leo:

1. Question/Response Level Trigger

2. Threshold Notification / Evaluation Level Trigger

This article explains how to set up and use a Question/Response Level Trigger. This Trigger is set up at the response level within an Evaluation question. 

This type of Trigger is often used to flag issues related to safety, depression, self-harm, mistreatment, unprofessional treatment/behavior, or other incidents that warrant concern and immediate intervention.

If a student clicks on a particular response, an email will be sent to the pre-defined Trigger Recipient.

The Recipient is typically an administrator, such as the Dean of Student Affairs, so that this person can intervene quickly if needed.

You can set up multiple Triggers within the same evaluation. In other words, 2 questions could have 2 different Triggers set up. Both the Triggers could notify the same Recipient or there could be different Recipients for different questions within the same Evaluation.

This type of Trigger is set up when the Evaluation is set up at the Course Section level. The Course Director/Administrator who sets up the Evaluation can set this up.

There is a Trigger Log available for this kind of Trigger notification such that every time a notification is sent out it is logged in the system. The Trigger Log is accessible from the Admin Toolbar.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Assessments > Evaluations > Trigger Log 

4 Steps required to set up a Question/Response Level Trigger:

Step 1: Create a new Trigger

When you create a new Trigger, give the Trigger a name, a short description and identify the Recipient.

The Recipient needs to be in the system as a User and cannot be a Student.

Users with Faculty roles and higher (Security level 40 and more) can be Recipients.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Assessments > Evaluations > Email Triggers > Add New Trigger

Step 2: Identify the Evaluation where you want to set up this Trigger.

Once you identify the Evaluation where you want to set up this Trigger, click on the Evaluation name to edit that particular Evaluation form.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Assessment > Evaluations > Eval Listing > [select Evaluation to edit]

Step 3: Select the Question (Prompt) and Identify the Response for which you want to set up a Trigger.
Step 4: Within the responses that you are adding, click Notification.

When you are setting up the Responses, you can determine which Response item warrants a Notification.

Once you click Notification, select the name of the Trigger that you want to use. If you have set up a Trigger earlier, it will appear in this drop-down list.  If the Trigger you are looking for is not in the list, go back and check the list of Email Triggers that are set up.

Once you have selected the Trigger you want to use for this particular Response option, click Save.

Notification Email

Below is a screen shot of what this email looks like. It includes a link for the recipient to access the Evaluation.

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