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Eval Listing: Create/Edit An Evaluation

This article will show you how to create a new Evaluation. Evaluations can be re-used as many times as you like.

TIP: It is recommended that you stick to a basic Evaluation structure. This way, you will be able use the same assessment tool across different situations, which will give you much better longitudinal data.

PathAdmin Toolbar > Assessment > Evaluations > Eval Listing > Create New Eval

Click Create New Eval or click the Name of an existing Evaluation to edit it.

NOTE: Once you have created your Evaluation, you may return to this page to view your Evaluation as well as all other Evaluations that have been created by users in the system.


  • Add a title for your new Evaluation.
  • You may also choose to add a short description of your new Evaluation (optional).
  • Click Save Header
  • This will open the Evaluation/Survey Editor
Home Tab
  • Evaluation Editor, use the tabs to navigate: Home, Pages, Blocks and Questions
Pages Tab

A Page in an Evaluation is defined as a group of questions that are related and there is no branching logic.

  • Click the Pages tab to add/or edit the pages of your Evaluation.  
  • Each page can contain as many blocks of questions as desired.
  • To add a new page, click Add New Page and fill out the required fields.

Add New Page/Edit Page

  • The Page Name and Sequence fields are required (*).
  • The Sequence field allows you to determine the order in which this page appears in the Evaluation.
  • Click Save Page to save and continue.
Blocks Tab

A Block is a group of questions, so you can name the block based on a commonality between the questions you want to have in this block.

  • Click Add New Block to add a new question block.

Add New Block/Edit Block

  • Create a name for your block.
  • Fill out the required fields.
  • Click Save Record to continue.

NOTE: You must have already created a Page in order to create a Block - the On Page field is a required field, and if there are no pages to choose from, then the system will not let you continue. Also, if you do not have unique sequence numbers for each Block, the Block will not be created.

Questions Tab
  • Click Add New Question to add a new question.

Add a Response

  • Click Add a Response to add a new response.
  • If you have a pre-defined set of responses you would like to use, click Add a Response Set (ex. you may already have a set of responses such as "Very satisfied, satisfied, neutral, etc." which you would like to use for this question).
  • To go back and edit your question, click Edit Question. To return to the question list, click Back to Question List.

NOTE: To create a new response set, see our tutorial on How to create a new Response Set.

Edit Response

1. Type in your response in the Response box.

2. The Sequence field determines the order in which this response will appear in the list of responses (if additional response options will be added).

3. The Value field allows you to add a numeric value to the response.

  • Add a value if you are planning to use the Evaluation to generate grades or evaluate responses.
  • If you will be grading the Evaluation, a response with an empty Value field, or a value of zero, will be considered an N/A response.

4. The Question Link is used for question branching.

  • If the question will use branching logic, use this field to select the question the user will be directed to if they select this response.
  • Questions between the current question and the branch-to question will be disabled.
  • It is also important to note that you can only branch to a question with a higher sequence.
  • For more information on branching logic see the Branching Logic tutorial.

5. The Notification field is used if the faculty administering the Evaluation would like to be notified if a selected answer is chosen.

  • For example, if the question is "Have you thought about committing suicide?" and the student answers "Yes", if the Notification field is set to Trigger Name, then the faculty will receive an email notifying them that this student selected Yes for this question, and appropriate action may be considered.
  • The default option for this field is blank.

6. When you are done, click Save Response.


Continue creating new responses until you have all the appropriate options created. To delete this response, set the Deleted field to Yes.

Edit Question

1. Type your question in the Prompt field. (*) Required

2. Question Type  

  • List: Multiple Choice. Displayed in a dropdown list. Used if there are a large number of options
  • Radio: Multiple choice
  • Text: Typed test response
  • Tally: Multiple Select - not gradable
  • TallyOne: Single Select - not gradable
  • TallyList: Displayed in dropdown, without values. The most frequently selected responses will appear in the summary. In the case of a tie, the first item in the list will appear in the summary.

Question Type Examples

  1. List
  2. Radio
  3. Text box
  4. Tally
  5. TallyOne
  6. TallyList

3. Set the Optional field to No if you would like this question to be required, set this field to Yes if you would like this question to be optional (if set to optional, users will be able to submit their Evaluation without answering this question). The default is No (required).

4. For the Sequence field, you must choose a number to represent this question's position in relation to other questions in this block. Generally, it is best to use 100, 200, 300, etc. rather that 1, 2, 3, etc. in case you need to insert a new question between existing questions.  (*) Required

5. Set the Prompt Only field to Yes if you only want to display the question, not the response(s). The default for this field is No.

6. Slick Save Question to save your question and continue.

7. As soon as you click Save Question, you will be automatically directed to add a response. See below.

TIP:  To edit an existing question, click the Question Tab and from the Response Editor

  • Select Edit Question.
  • Or select Back to Question List.

NOTE:  At the bottom of this page there is a Deleted field - this is the only way to delete/remove a question from your Evaluation.

Preview Evaluation
  • In the top-right corner of the Evaluation Editor, there is an eye icon.
  • Click this icon to preview your new Evaluation.
  • Each time you click on the Preview icon it will refresh with the latest changes from the Evaluation Template.