Event: Discussion Menu


This screen allows you create or manage a Discussion. Each discussion must have a title and a Group of people who can participate in the Discussion.

By default, the following people are automatically included:

  • Any students linked to the current Event, Long Event, or Course screen
  • Any instructors linked to the screen
  • The Course Directors and Coordinators
  • Any staff assigned to the Course

If you are an administrator, you can modify the list of Users.

Start a Discussion


  1. Title: This is not a unique field, but you are encouraged to make your discussion name distinctive.
  2. Instructions: This field is provided for you to enter instructions about the discussion. The instructions will be displayed at the top of the discussion thread.
  3. Public: The default is No. A private (non-public) discussion is only accessible to users who have been directly assigned to the discussion. Private discussions are also gradeable by faculty.
  4. Save Record: Saves and launches the Discussion Board to the Event.
  5. Deleted: Default is No. If set to Yes, then the discussion is no longer available.

Public= Yes: A Public discussion will allow any User who has access to the Event to have access to the Discussion. However, public discussions cannot be graded.

For more information on Administrative settings for the Discussion board please refer to the Discussion article.