Event: Discussion Menu


This screen allows you create or manage a Discussion. Each discussion must have a title and a Group of people who can participate in the Discussion.

By default, the following people are automatically included:

  • Any students linked to the current Event, Long Event, or Course screen
  • Any instructors linked to the screen
  • The Course Directors and Coordinators
  • Any staff assigned to the Course

If you are an administrator, you can modify the list of Users.

Start a Discussion


  1. Title: This is not a unique field, but you are encouraged to make your discussion name distinctive.
  2. Instructions: This field is provided for you to enter instructions about the discussion. The instructions will be displayed at the top of the discussion thread.
  3. Public: The default is No. A private (non-public) discussion is only accessible to users who have been directly assigned to the discussion. Private discussions are also gradeable by faculty.
  4. Journal Club: This field will turn on additional options for journal clubs.
  5. Save Record: Saves and launches the Discussion Board to the Event.
  6. Deleted: Default is No. If set to Yes, then the discussion is no longer available.

Public= Yes: A Public discussion will allow any User who has access to the Event to have access to the Discussion. However, public discussions cannot be graded.