Section: Discussion Menu

Start new discussions that are associated with participants in the Course/Section. This is available to all Users.

Path: Courses > [Select Course] > Discussion

New Discussion

This screen allows you create or manage a Discussion. Each Discussion must have a title and a group of people who can participate in the discussion.

By default, the following people are automatically included:

  • Any Student linked to the current Event, Long Event, or Course/Section
  • Any Faculty or Instructors linked
  • The Course Directors and Coordinators
  • Any Staff that is assigned

NOTE: If you are an Administrator, you can modify the list of Users.

  • Title: Please choose a Name/Tittle for the Discussion. This field is required (*)
  • Instructions: Use the WYSIWYG editor, which has tools that allow you to embed video.
  • Public: Yes/No toggle. Yes = Open to ALL Users in Course/Section
  • Save Record

View Discussions

  1. Read the Discussion post
  2. Reply to the post
  3. Create a new Topic

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TIP: The replies will be viewable once you click the + Sign next to [Reply]

Editing a Discussion Board

Students can reply, edit or delete their posts and replies in a Discussion.

Reply: Click on the Reply option of a post to continue the conversation under that topic.

Edit: Should a User need to modify their content on the Discussion Board they will be able to Click Edit. 

[X]: Click this icon if you would like to remove your post on the Discussion Board. 

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