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Section Screen Overview

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Courses displayed in the Courses List are those that a Student is currently enrolled in or has previously been enrolled in.

Click the Course Name link to go to the Course Information Screen


NOTE: Faculty and Course Directors will see all courses that they are associated with.

Student View

  1. Section: The Course a Student is enrolled in.
  2. Screen Menu: Details, Discussions, Announcements, Mange Materials, Messages, Mapping, Assessments, Events. The menu can be toggled on or off the screen.
  3. Section Details (Note: depending on faculty and institutional choice, you may also see an Info page, where content and interactive learning tools can be embedded. The landing page may also differ, with Materials or Info being the landing page instead of Details.)
  4. Related Materials: Materials associated to the Course Template, Campus or Course Section are a displayed here, organized by categories. Materials can be toggled on or off the screen.
Section view from other Roles in System


Typical Faculty view of the Course Screen.

Course Director

Course Directors will also have access to the Administrative Toolbar, Course Template and Campus Level.

Section Menus (2)


Select the Menu icon to toggle the Course Section menu on or off the screen.


For detailed information on this screen, please refer to Section: Discussions

Manage Materials

Section materials are organized under the Mange Materials menus by Author or that are new.

For detailed information on Materials, refer to Section: Manage Materials.


Current announcements for this Course can be sent via an Announcement or Email to the Course, Students Only, Faculty and CD, or Course Director. This is available to Users associated with this Section.

For detailed information on Messages and Announcements, refer to the article Section: Messages.


For detailed information on Mapping, refer to the Section: Mapping.


For detailed information on this screen, please refer to Section: Assessments.


For detailed information on Events, refer to Section: Events.

Course Information (3)

The course screen is the repository for the basic information about your course. It shows you:

  • Begin and End Date
  • School Year
  • Campus
  • Your Role
  • Course Director and contact info
  • Course Coordinators
  • Basic course description

Items in Bold have not been downloaded.

Use the convenient tools to download all into a .zip file. Files can also be downloaded individually.

Select the Materials Icon to toggle Related Materials on or off the screen.

For detailed information on Materials, refer to Section: Materials.

Course Material Download/Upload Tools
  1. You can click on each item to download the document (or open a new window for web links).
  2. Or you can select all or multiple select documents by clicking the Select All icon or multiple select.
  3. Click the empty checkbox to Deselect All documents.
  4. Click the download icon to begin the download process for selected documents. All files will download as a .Zip file.
  5. Click the upload icon to navigate to the Manage Upload screen to add or manage Course Section materials.

For more information on the Download Tools, see this section of the Calendar article.

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