Export Eval Responses

This screen will generate a CSV export of all your Evaluation Responses.

If you have ODBC access to your Leo database, you can also generated the SQL for the export in case you would like to change the fields or set up an automated export process.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Assessment > Evaluations > Export Eval Responses

  • Format Version Required (*): Select the export version. Each version exports the same data but has different data columns.
  • Program Required (*): This is required


  • NOTE: As you pick your Program, then more filters will appear for you to select.
  • TIP: The more filters you select, the faster you can find the data set you are looking for.
  • Eval Type: Select a specific Evaluation Type or leave blank and receive all types.
  • Academic Year:
  • School Year:
  • Campus:
  • Course Template:
  • Section:
  • Include Incomplete: Check bob to download partiality complete Evaluations.
  • Summarized data only: Check box to bulk export summary Evaluation data

Refresh Eval List Button

  • Eval Form Required (*):
  • After you have made your filtered selections
  • Click on the Refresh Eval List button to view the matching Evaluations.
  • If there are no Evaluations, then you will have to adjust your filters and try again.

Once you see your list of Evals you can select:

  • Download Spreadsheet
  • Generate SQL
  • Reset Filters