My Portrait

A Student can click on their picture to access My Portrait.

The Academic Portrait displays a Student’s entire academic history in a simple comprehensive profile.

Academic Portrait Menu

Only the individual(s) explicitly assigned as the Student's mentor can view the Academic Portrait and related documentation, including the Portfolio. 

A student's Academic Portrait is divided up into the following sections:

  1. Academics: A list of Courses the student has taken. Course specific grades can be displayed, if the institution chooses.
  2. Attendance: This displays information about a Student's excused and unexcused absences.
  3. Evals (Evaluations): Active evaluations and completed evaluations on or by the Student are listed here.
  4. Notes:This lists all the notes that have been added to a Student's portrait.
  5. About:General information and demographics about the Student are displayed on this page.
  6. Portfolio: A category-based digital folder where Students and their Mentors can upload documents that they need to keep over a period of time.
  7. Noteworthy Characteristics: A flexible tool for Students and Advisors to collaborate on authoring statements for the MSPE.
  8. Export Portrait: Download documents in a .ZIP file.

This is a list of Courses that the Student has taken.

  • Completed grades may be displayed, if determined by the institution.
  • Clicking on a Course's name will take you to the Course information screen.

This lists a record of the excused and unexcused absences for the Student.

Use the +/- to display the contents.

For information on how to request an absence from a Mandatory Event, please refer to this article, Absence Request.


A list of all Evaluations by or about the Student, including both active and completed Evaluations. Clicking on the Evaluation link will bring you to a summary of that Evaluation.

The column menu bar indicates the following:

  • The Date is the date of the most recent changes to the Evaluation.
  • Clicking an Eval Title will take you to the summary of the Evaluation.
  • The Location column contains the name of the Course, Event, or Long Event to which the Evaluation applies and clicking on it will open the Course Information Screen.
  • The Evaluator column tells you who filled out the Evaluation.

Note: Evaluations will only show up here once they have been approved by a Course Director or Administrator.


The Notes feature can be used to log the Students’ progress and/or upload documents.

  • Click a note to see the full text.  
  • Click the Options dropdown to Add New Note

Only the individual(s) explicitly assigned as the student's mentor can view the Academic Portrait and related documentation. 

New Note

This screen allows you to edit a note. You can select a category for the note and edit its content in the field below.

To add attachments to the note, click the Upload Attachments button. If there are any attachments already associated with the note, a link will be displayed that will allow you to review/edit them.

A note can be specified as Private by checking the Private box. This will make the note only visible to you.


General information and demographics about the Student is displayed on this page.

  • NOTE: Security Levels for User access to the About Tab are in the Account Manager: Demographics

Students may be assigned to, or create, one or more Portfolio categories.

  1. To add a general document, click the Upload An Additional Document link.
  2. To add/edit a document with a specific Sub-Category, click the Upload icon.
Noteworthy Characteristics

Add New


Export Portrait

Allows for export of the Student's Portfolio in a .ZIP file.