The Patient Encounter Tracking (PET) is a tool for Students to log their clinical encounters with patients.

  • Students are able to enter basic information about their patient, procedures that were done during the encounter, observed patient conditions, duty hours, etc.
  • The data fields are configurable by the institution.
  • The instructor is then able to collect the student PET entries and use them for grading purposes.

Student Overview video of PET Module

Student Access of PET Tab

Students can access the PET from the home screen or landing page.

PET tab

PET Screen Menu

The PET Manager allows students to create a New Record and sort existing records by:

  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Course
  • Diagnoses
  • Procedures
  • Duty Hours
  • Switch
  • Deleted

New Patient Record

The first nine (9) fields are required in order to save a record.

As you type an alert box will tell you what other fields must be answered before you can save the record .[Close button].

Editing a PET record

Students may return to edit and complete the saved PET record by:


  • Add a Diagnosis
  • Select level of participation
  • Select a Supervisor

Adding a Procedure

  • Add a Procedure
  • Select level of participation
  • Select a Supervisor

Notes: Optional

Upload Images

Student may wish to upload images of the patient encounter.

Uploaded images will appear to the right of the PET record.

Access From Course Screen

A summary of Procedures and Diagnoses can be accessed from the Course Screen.

Summary Reports

The report shows a summary of PET activity by generating reports to display all, completed, and missing PET.