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The Activity report will notify you of any actionable information you need to know, such as updates/changes to upcoming Events, new materials, new Discussion boards, new Assignments, upcoming or due Exams, Evaluations, and Lottery/Signups.

The Activity icon will automatically populate with a small number in a red box, indicating how many new or unread activities you have.

Active Activity Report screen

The Activity Report screen is filtered by the date and will provide you with your most recent activities from your Courses and Events at the top.

The possible content you may receive in your Activity screen:

  • Upcoming Quiz: Click the link to be taken to the Exam Portal.
  • Assignments added to a Course (refer to this article on Student Upload Assignments for more information)
  • Event Cancellation or rescheduling
  • Evaluation Due (refer to this article on Evaluations for more information)
  • Lottery/SignUp (refer to this article on Lottery/SignUps for more information)
  • Exam Due
  • Receipt of Grades
  • Event Changes due to Group being added/dropped from an Event.
  • Event Changes due to Group membership changes
  • Notification of being added or removed from a Course
  • New or updated Discussion boards
  • New Discussion comments

Delete an Active Activity from the list

To remove an Activity from your list, place a check in the Delete box on the active Activity list, then click the reload/refresh button in your browser. 

The Deleted Activities can be accessed and moved back into the Active Activity Report by clicking Options and selecting the Deleted Activities link.

Make a Deleted Activity Active again.

In the event that an Activity should not have been removed from the Active Activity list, you have the ability to undo the delete.

  1. In the Deleted Activity Report, remove the check in the box next to the Activity you want to move back to the Active Activity Report.
  2. Click Options and select the Active Activities link to return to the Active screen
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