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The Calendar acts as a central information hub and resource, providing users with quick access to their schedule and tools to manage their events in Leo. In this article, users have multiple ways to customize their calendar, ranging from Day, Week, Month and List view as well as various filter options.

Calendar Menu Options

The Leo Calendar tab offers you many options for viewing your schedule, managing materials, accessing courses, sending and receiving messages, and much more. 

1. Click on date(s) to the future or the past in increments of Days, Weeks or Months.

2. The Calendar views can be set to Today, Day, Week, Month or List.

(3) Setting Calendar Filters


The Set Calendar Filters feature allows Users to set personal preference defaults and/or clear filters that they are currently using on their calendar.

Users can select their Campus and Program, as well as, School Year and Course or choose to see only Events in which they are either enrolled in, auditing, the instructor, or are serving as a Grader for.


Toggle inline help off or on with the +/- sign.

Add Event

The Calendar can also be used to keep track of your personal events, study group sessions, appointments and more. Utilize the calendar to manage your time by adding Personal Events.

Add your own Personal Events to your calendar.

Once the Personal Event has been saved, you can also invite others from your institution to the Event. Click on the Event which now appears on the Calendar.

Once you are on the Personal Event page, complete the following steps to invite others to your event:

Click on People, then Groups

The Assign Groups to a Personal Event Screen will allow you to select the Users you wish to invite.

Click on the Users you would like to add to the Event from the Available Groups column. Once Users have been added to the Assigned Groups column, they will receive information about the Personal Event you created and invited them to join.


Gear Icon

Use the Gear Icon drop-down menu to view Calendar options including available reports, export and print options for the Leo Calendar tab.

  • Toggle Weekends: On/off on the calendar.
  • Events Report: This report shows a list of all of the events in your current calendar view.
  • Room Usage Report: This report shows a list of all rooms including a hyperlink count of Events utilizing each location.
  • Activity Summary Report: This report provides a summary list of activities for a given date range.
  • Print Calendar: Print directly to a printer or as a PDF file.
  • Generate Calendar PDF: Set your own preferences for a PDF file of the calendar. See example below.
  • iCal Export: Create an iCal calendar export file and set your own preferences. See example below.
  • Help for Calendar: This is a listing of color codes used in the Calendar along with a description of where the color is used. This information will either be based on Course color or Event color. If Course color, the calendar will display each event with the color of the course to which the event belongs. If based on Event Types, you will be presented with a key listing out each type of event and its corresponding color.

Generate PDF Calendar

Select your preferences for a PDF version of your calendar.

iCal Export

This will generate a standards compliant iCal data file that can be imported into most modern calendar systems. Save the generated file and then import it into your preferred calendar system.

? Help for Calendar

The ? Icon explains the Calendar Color Codes

Document List Hide/Show Toggle

Hide or show the Related Materials pane with this convenient icon toggle.

All materials that are in Bold Text have not been downloaded yet.

Download Materials

In the Related Materials pane are tools for selecting and downloading available materials in the Calendar, Course or Event screens.

For more detailed information refer to Download Materials article.

(4) Numbered Weeks

When viewing the Calendar by Week, the Numbered Weeks indicates which week in the current Academic Year is being displayed.

(5) All Day Events

All Day Events are listed at the top of the Calendar and often span an entire day or more.

Leo is FERPA compliant but is not HIPAA compliant. We advise against adding patient information or appointments to your Leo Calendar.

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