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The Inbox

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The Inbox shows Messages and Announcements that have been sent to you.

Messages can be sent as emails and/or as Announcements from within a Course or Event. Messages can be sent to Groups via the Course or Event screens or to individuals as an email from the Inbox.


  1. A red indicator block shows that this message is new - you haven't seen it in your inbox before.
  2. An orange indicator block shows that the message is high priority.
  3. If the message is bold, that means that you haven't read it yet.

Click any row to view the message.



  1. Choose a group from Your Active Groups and/or search for an individual or a Group.
  2. Select to send as an Announcement and/or an Email.
  3. Add a subject, compose the text body using the WYSIWYG editor, and add attachments or links.
  4. Use the Send button to have your Announcement or email sent.

Group selection

  • Send a message to a specific Group.
  • Edit the Group by clicking on the scissors to remove a recipient's name.

Subject, Text and Attachments

  1. Subject: Type a subject into the text box.
  2. Compose (WYSIWYG Editor): Use the editing tools to enhance the message, and now you can also embed video.
  3. Attachments: Click the link to upload attachment(s).

Email or Announcement

  • Ready to post is the default setting for all emails and/or announcements. Uncheck the box if you are not ready to send the message.
  • Emails will be sent immediately when the Send button is clicked.
  • Announcements will be sent from within the time/date parameters set in the Announcement Options.

If a message is selected as an Announcement only, the communication stays within Leo.

If a message is selected as an Email only, it will be sent to the User’s email address that is listed on their User profile.

If both options are selected, the recipient will receive an Email (at the Email address listed in their User Profile) and a copy (of the Announcement) will be in their Inbox.

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