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  • Updated on: Oct 18, 2019

    Define FCT Year

    In order to fully utilize the LCMS+ Faculty Contribution Tracking (FCT) feature, you will need to define the parameters for your Academic Year. These parameters include the monetary hourly rate for faculty hours, lab reimbursement, maximum elective credit, etc. This tutorial will show you where to customize these parameters.

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  • Updated on: Oct 17, 2019

    FCT Report

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  • The Faculty Contribution Tracking (FCT) module collects data stored within LCMS+ to create a comprehensive financial report of all faculty effort and administrative resources of the school for the purpose of monetary compensation.

    The FCT module does not include Staff and other groups that are directly compensated for their efforts. Instead, this model is designed to compensate Faculty and groups that provide services but are not compensated at the time of service.

    Broadly, there are two main categories of compensation:

    • Compensation for teaching and Course Director effort
    • Compensation for materials and facilities

    Wherever possible, data is collected directly from LCMS+. However, the following sources may also be used:

    • Registrar system
    • Self-reported information
    • Information entered via customized screens

    Data that is not housed in the system is entered in special databases within the FCT module. In both cases, all summary reports can be audited and the sources examined.

    The following FCT user-types have been defined in LCMS+:

    • FCT Editors: This group has the authority to enter data into the FCT module, generate reports, and update the controlling parameters that drive the system.
    • FCT report users: This group has access to all FCT reports, but cannot make any changes/updates.
    • Business Managers: Oftentimes, groups may have a dedicated business manager who oversees all faculty contribution within their respective group(s). There is a special interface for these business managers, called the FCT Business Manager Portal, that allows business managers to view the data that affect their group(s). Data outside their specified group is not available to these users.
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  • Updated on: Oct 15, 2019

    Import Session Objectives

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  • Updated on: Oct 11, 2019

    Demographics: Bulk Upload

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  • Updated on: Oct 10, 2019

    Demographics: Bulk Upload Template

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  • Updated on: Oct 10, 2019

    Understanding Evaluation Logic Options

    Branching Logic is the term we use to describe an evaluation setup where questions are hidden/unhidden based on the evaluator's response to a previous question.

    In an evaluation that uses branching logic:

    • Questions appear only if certain answers were picked for the previous question.
    • When the student selects a specific answer to that question, all other questions will be disabled.
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  • Updated on: Oct 09, 2019

    Demographics: Users

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  • Updated on: Oct 09, 2019

    Overview of Leo

  • Updated on: Oct 09, 2019

    Overview of Leo

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