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Admin Rights for Faculty for Sections/Rotations of a Course

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In order to be able to give a User in a Faculty Role, Administrative access to all Sections/Rotations of a Course, you must have the Campus and Course Template Administrative option turned ON in your system.

Account Manager

Path: Admin Toolbar > Advanced > Account Manager > Modules > Courses > Course Screen > [make sure the box is checked for Add link to Course/Campus Info]

TIP: Once the Campus and Course Template option is turned on, you will be able to navigate to the Campus and Course Template levels of your Course as shown below.

Section Level VS Campus Level VS Course Template
  1. The screen will open to the Section Level of the Course
  2. To the left is the Campus Level
  3. To the far left is the Course Template Level

NOTE: Each Level has unique Menus and Tabs

Campus Level

Course Template Level

Setting Up Campus/Course Admin

At the Campus Level and the Course Template Level, you can now set which faculty users can have administrative access to all Sections/Rotations of the Course.

Selected Staff

  • Locate the Faculty member's name in the column on the left and click the name, to move it to the column on the right.
  • You can return to this screen to remove access - just click the name in the Selected Staff column on the right to move it back to the left column to Available Staff.
  • Click the small square icon located at the top-right corner of this screen to save and exit.
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