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Assessment:Manage Evaluations

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You can manage evaluations that have been created at the Course Template level. This allows you to keep track of evals from multiple course sections (or rotations) all in one place.

You will only see evaluations for this course, for the current academic year, and for the type of evaluation selected, see (1) below.

Manage Evaluations

Path: Course Template > Assessments > Manage Evaluations

  1. Select the type of evaluation you need to review or manage.
  2. The link in the Section column will take you directly to the course section.
  3. The link in the Evaluation Name column will open the evaluation link. This is where you can adjust dates and groups, send emails, etc. From here you have the same options as when you open an evaluation link at the section level.
  4. View the assigned evaluations that have been completed.
  5. View the assigned evaluations (including Placeholders for clinical faculty-related evals) that have not been completed.
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