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Assessment: Choose a Template

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Path: Courses > [Course Screen] > Course Template > Assessment > Choose a Template

Gradebook Template

(1) This screen is used to select a specific Section in this Course, that will then be used as a template to create new Gradebook structures in other Sections/Rotations of the Course.

If you do not have a Section with a Gradebook structure, you can use the Course Roll Over function to copy a Gradebook from a previous (or future) year.

(2) Push Our Gradebook link

Push Out Gradebook

The Push Out Gradebook option in this screen will  provide a list of the sections for the current year and let you pick which ones (or all) that you want to update with Gradebook structure from the Course Template Gradebook.

This screen is used to flag the Sections that will have their Gradebooks updated by the official Course Template Gradebook. In this example, 3 have been processed and the next screen will let you continue with your selection or make changes,

Click here to continue.

Select: You can select the courses manually with a check or use the Options Menu at the top of the screen.

Options Menu:

  • Select All - this will mark all sections for update by the template. You can then remove the sections you do not want to update.
  • Unselect All - this will remove all selections from the update list. You can then choose sections one at a time.
  • Push Out Template - this will push out the Gradebook from the selected template section to all selected sections.
  • Re-Scan Sections - this option will rescan all Section of the current Course Template for the current year.

NOTE: Once you have selected the Sections you want updated use the Push Out Template link to push this template to each of the selected Sections.

Push Out Template

Rescan Status

NOTE: The Template Section is not displayed in this report, so the scan count will always be one more than the number of records in the report.

Definition of Template status:

  • InSync - the Gradebook matches the Template exactly
  • InSync* - the Gradebook matches the Template, but the display sequence may be different
  • Conflict - the Gradebook does not match the Template
  • (Deleted) - Shows that a Section is out of sync because entries are missing
  • (Custom) - Shows that a Section is out of sync because of custom entries

The conflict status will be the result of having Deleted or Custom records, or both Custom and Deleted records

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